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The NECOM (Neurodinámica Cognitiva y dels Transtorns Mentals) Consolidated Research Group (2009 SGR 93 and SGR2005-00831) is a platform for exchange of ideas and research for key teams interested in cognitive and pathologic neurodinamics research and clinical applications and is composed by the following teams:

* Neurodynamics Laboratory of the University of Barcelona
* Neural Network Signal Parsing of the University of Barcelona and Politecnic University of Catalonia
* Unidad de Psicofisiología of the University of Sevilla
* Servei d'Alcohologia of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona
* Schizophrenic Unity of the Granollers' Hospital
* Psiquiatria d'Enllaç of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona
* Psicología del Aprendizaje, Universidad de Málaga
* Genetic group University of Lübeck
* Neuropsychology Department Otto von Guericke Universität (Magdeburg)
* Malaldie de Huntington et Neuropsychologie Interventionelle Group (Paris)
* Abo Academie University of Turku
* Brain Imaging Group (Zurich)
* Starlab


Collaboration in the development of the project "Musical-therapy induced plasticity in the sensorimotor cortex after stroke".

Dra. M. Juncadella (Servei Neurologia, secció Neuropsicologia)
Dr. F. Rubio (Servei Neurologia)
Dr. J. Montero (Servei Neurologia, Neurofisiología)

 THOMAS F MÜNTE (Center for Advanced Imaging, Magdeburg, Germany)

Collaboration in the development of several projects related to executive functions and brain plasticity.

"Musical-therapy induced plasticity in the sensorimotor cortex after stroke".
"Neurobiologie motivierten Verhaltens TP A5 Neurale Korrelate von belohnungs- und bestrafungsindizierender Information bei Gesunden, Parkinson-Erkrankten und substituierten Suchtpatienten".
"Dynamics of human executive functions and their relation to genotypes in the dopaminergic system"


The evolution and evaluation of Huntington dissease constitues a challenge due to the juxtaposition of motor, psychiatric and cognitive impairments.
The Maladie de Huntington et neuropsychologie interventionnelle group from the Université Paris builts bridges between the basic research in language and social cogntion and the clinical research in new neural therapies. The group tackles two foundamental questions:

1. The role of striatum in cognitive functions (language and social cognition)
2. The link between tissue and functional regeneration.


We have a fruitful collaboration with Professor Matti Laine, from the Department of Psychology of the Abo Akademi University of Turku (Finlad).
Their current research is focussed on:

*early stages of language learning using artificial languages
*neural correlates of language learning and bilingualism
*bilingual language processing and executive function
*lexical retrieval and anomia treatment
*dopaminergic activity in the brain


The Laboratory of Human Systematics is a service of the University of Balearic Islands that offers support to research, development and education in the following fields:

1. Behavioural traits of the Human Grade in its anthropological, psychological and palaeontological aspects.
2. Social, ethical and political impacts of Genomics and other sciences and technologies onside the broader field of Bioethics
3. Development of human populations, with special emphasis in both intercultural and migratory phenomena.

PhD program: Los primates y el Origen del Hombre
[ (Dr. Cela Conde, T. Gomila,E. Munar)]